Friday, April 23, 2010

Using old treasures

A few months ago someone was selling a box of vintage lace that belonged to her grandmother who had recently passed away. When looking at the pictures of the pieces I knew that I had to have that. So $ 54.00 later the treasure was mine. That box contained someone's true treasures. The pieces were well cared for and you could see that this grandmother loved these pieces. Things were creased from sitting in her draws for a long time. So it was then and there that the decision was made to make sure these pieces are treated with love and respect.

On the door handle now hangs a beautiful gift cone made out of the first piece I pulled from the box. It looks as if it is a hand croched placemat. Who made this I wonder...did grandma? Grandma, your lace is beautiful!! It is not hidden away in a drawer any longer. Thank you for your treasures...

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