Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Heidi doll to me, kitchen witch

Heidi's doll, Sandy

Remember the holiday doll using Stephanie's pattern? Well, due to a snow storm Heidi couldn't make the party and she missed the grab bag. Of course she was upset about not coming etc.. So, I told her I would make a doll also and we would exchange at a later date. Her she is, Sandy, my grease dancer and Heidi's rendidtion of the same pattern by Stephanie Novatski, on the cover of Soft Dolls and Animals, February 2009. I love my little witch!!

There was just so much to see at Stacey's exhibit I wish I could share it all with you. Will attach some small shots. If you get the chance go see this exhibit while it is still there if you can. The website is and they are located in Pennsburg, Pa 18073. We also went to JoMar shopping for fabric and of course, went insane. They had silks for 4.99 a yard, sheers, remenants, trims and more.

This past weekend Stephanie, Colleen and I took a road trip to Pa, in the Valley Forge area to visit our dear friend Heidi. It was a wonderful weekend and we had such a great experience going to the Schwenkfelder Heritage Gallery to see Stacey Clarks' exhibit. Stacey was kind enought to come and meet with us and explain the process of creating this marvelous exhibit of Fairy Tale characters come to life in cloth art doll form. Stacey is truly the artist and her work is incredible!! We were fascinated by her use of mediums and the realistic look of the dragons, birds, people and fairies alike!
Top photo, from left, Stephanie Novatski, Colleen Athens, Stacey Clark, Heidi Difenderfer, Tery Favo
Stacey showing Colleen her work!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Last summer we took a class with Pearl Red Moon for a creative journey exploring fiber art work. I was originally going to put my fabric art on a doll but labored with that decision. I really wanted to be able to touch and handle it as the results were fantastic and the colors so inspiring. So, eventually I came up with the answer. Barnes and Nobel has a weekly desk planner that is just the right size, so I made a cover for it. Every year I can change to a new book and keep this piece of art with me all the time. What do you think/

Holiday get together

Last Sunday we had our holiday get together at the Firehouse Rest. and a good time was had by all. The food was good, the atmosphere lovely and of course the company was supurb!!!It was too long of a time to not get together.

We now have a class lineup for the coming months, and it will be an exciting year!! April brings Jack Johnson to White Plains for 3 days of clay play! Then it's Marilyn Halcomb in May at Stephie's and September will be Judi Ward down the shore for designing your own doll. March will bring a tripto Pa. to Heidi's and we will visit a museum that sounds exciting and of course, fabric shopping in Lancaster is in order!!! I can't wait to retire so the whole day will be time to play..

Big snowstorm on the way tonight, so tomorrow will be spent hunkered down in my space creating!!!!