Thursday, May 13, 2010

Froud class

Another misplaced creature!

And this next one is Rusty. This is my critter that I made in the Wendy and Toby Froud class this spring. This little guy makes me laugh, seriously, I laugh when I look at him!!!

Looking back

Today I happened to be looking back on my blog to show someone one of my newer dolls, and realized what a moron I really can be, as they are not even posted here. So, meet AnnMarie! She is my workout girl with a cloth body and paperclay face. I like her expression!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fairy wings

Judy Skeel Wing class

Judy Skeel has been doing an on line class on wings using different techniques, so when I saw this, just had to take the class!! Here's a couple pics of the first set. These are made out of tyvek, a used priority envelope. Then I painted it on both sides with lumiere metallic paints. Sewed some wire in the center of each leaf then I put german glitter glass on the edges of the leaves. The leaves for wings you ask?? Well a forest fairy should have leaves to float on the breeze with.. LOL Okay, I will loose my mind with this one..

Monday, May 3, 2010


Dyed piece of trim

Going to Paterson to see my friend David

The day started out wonderfully. Project and inspiration were ready to go. All that was needed was some lining fabric to match and more trim to make another necklace in black. David is wonderful and has become a friend to me over the years. Haven't had the chance to see him, so spent some time visiting and catching up. Left Paterson after having this beautiful time with my friend, made the way to Shoprite and headed home at 10:30 am. Great!!! I'm ready to play all day. Then, without warning of course, the electric goes pop. out, done....

No electric. No sewing, no fun, no playtime. THE END OF THIS SUNDAY ! Have to regroup and make a new plan. Here's the pic of the first ribbon trim necklace. Second of same trim, dyed black.

Sunday, Heat, Humidity and then, no electric

Just lost over an hour of blogging that was put into save and is lost to me. So, with that, I'm going to just put up 2 pics and tell you that yesterday was a disaster. Had big plans for the day and then the entire town is without electric on a 90 degree day with 95% humidity...FUN, FUN! This is the beginning of my creative energy that was ready to go yesterday..Oh Well. Maybe another few weeks and it can happen again.