Monday, May 3, 2010

Going to Paterson to see my friend David

The day started out wonderfully. Project and inspiration were ready to go. All that was needed was some lining fabric to match and more trim to make another necklace in black. David is wonderful and has become a friend to me over the years. Haven't had the chance to see him, so spent some time visiting and catching up. Left Paterson after having this beautiful time with my friend, made the way to Shoprite and headed home at 10:30 am. Great!!! I'm ready to play all day. Then, without warning of course, the electric goes pop. out, done....

No electric. No sewing, no fun, no playtime. THE END OF THIS SUNDAY ! Have to regroup and make a new plan. Here's the pic of the first ribbon trim necklace. Second of same trim, dyed black.

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