Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This past weekend Stephanie, Colleen and I took a road trip to Pa, in the Valley Forge area to visit our dear friend Heidi. It was a wonderful weekend and we had such a great experience going to the Schwenkfelder Heritage Gallery to see Stacey Clarks' exhibit. Stacey was kind enought to come and meet with us and explain the process of creating this marvelous exhibit of Fairy Tale characters come to life in cloth art doll form. Stacey is truly the artist and her work is incredible!! We were fascinated by her use of mediums and the realistic look of the dragons, birds, people and fairies alike!
Top photo, from left, Stephanie Novatski, Colleen Athens, Stacey Clark, Heidi Difenderfer, Tery Favo
Stacey showing Colleen her work!

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